Red Bull Basement 

The Redbull Basement Challenge was an international contest for students to develop innovative technology ideas. 

Security is a major concern in South Africa. For the contest, we designed an autonomous drone with facial recognition software using a Tello drone and OpenCV Python software. 

Although we didn't win, the learning curve was enormous because the entire project was completed in 6 days. 

LEGO Township Robotics

Township Robotics in an annual event in South Africa that teaches children to apply technology, science and math concepts while engaging them in a challenging exploratory process of creativity, problem solving, patience and persistence that foster a breadth of skills.

I was fortunate to be an instructor at Isaac More Primary School in Atteridgeville. This project served as an incredible opportunity to help underprivileged children learn skills which have the ability to transform their future.

Quanta Labs

Data is abundant, yet our understanding of it remains trivial. Quanta Labs was a project designed to counteract this problem. 

Primarily through the use of sentiment analysis, Quanta attempts to understand human behaviour by finding links between seemingly unrelated data sources. 

My responsibilities include data collection and analysis. As an ongoing project, this has allowed me to develop skills in R programming language, as well as a keen interest in data science. 


I started a company called Bid4Books in January 2018, designed to solve the problem of unaffordable textbooks. The site allowed users to buy/sell secondhand textbooks. The site and the team grew rapidly, as we reached 10'000 site visits within a few weeks. The platform was eventually shut down following the mistake of trying to outsource further product development.

Although we only ran for a few months, this gave me a great experience of taking a product to market. We became increasingly creative and although the product failed, I reason that many desirable traits where exhibited. Teamwork, go-to-market, basic product development skills etc. It was a great experience.


CheeseCake is a mobile app designed to serve as a social media platform for health enthusiasts: focused on foodies and fitness fanatics. The app would allow users to post/share/collect & organize dietary and fitness regions: initially targeted towards fitness professionals. 

A team of 3 with no software engineering background, we began building in December 2018 and after repeatedly failing to ship the product we decided to take an indefinite break - stopping the project.

Although we failed by any measure, again this served as a phenomenal learning experience. Providing me with an understanding of data structures, mobile app development, Flutter/Dart programming language, firebase, and many other software product development nuances.

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