• Keagan Stokoe

Make Difficult Things

For over one year, New York Times bestselling author, James Clear, didn't have the courage to share his work. Fear of judgement lead to him doing all of his writing in a private document. The threat of criticism was crippling.

He eventually started publishing his articles, deciding that it was more important to contribute something to the world than it was to protect himself from criticism. The result of his decision was articles that have been read by hundreds of thousands of people. It was the writing of his best selling book, Atomic Habits, which sold 1.1 million copies in its first year.

Difficult is Valuable

Doing difficult things forces you to answer difficult questions. These are questions that others ignore, because they're difficult. These answers are valuable. By having these answers, you and your knowledge become valuable.

Being a creator is difficult. Producing and publishing work opens you up to a world criticism. To be successful at it, you have to be continually building and implementing new ideas that keep you relevant. This can be anything from posting a new video to opening a new company. Regardless of what you're creating, it comes with pressure.

It's also difficult to do this consistently. It drains your time and energy. You face challenges to produce quality content, distribute your work effectively, and continually find creative inspiration. It's difficult, but this is exactly why you should do it.

The point of this isn't only to encourage you to begin creating and sharing your work, it's to show you the power of becoming a creator. It's to highlight what can happen when you have the courage to create, share and learn.

When you make difficult things, that creative power is multiplied. By building products that other people can't, or running with ideas which other people won't, you learn the answers to difficult questions. Answers which other people don't have. You become more and more valuable.

Creators are important because they're a small group of people doing difficult things which change the world. You may not have heard of James Clear, but for hundreds of thousands of people, his writing has changed the way that they live and do things. When you build difficult things and share them, you open yourself up to this kind of influence.

Be a creator. In times of change, creators design the path forward. Those unable to create, find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.

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